Locked car keys – how to solve this problem

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Breaking a window, fiddling with the lock… When you cannot get into your car, do not use forceful solutions, because the non-invasive opening without any damage is possible! You need to know what to do in an emergency when a jammed vehicle unexpectedly prevents you from driving off and getting in.

Unexpected trouble

You could be standing in the driveway of your house, a petrol station, a company car park or outside a shop in the city centre. This will happen without your will and will certainly make you nervous. The lock will spontaneously lock the car with all the triggers, and the keys will stay inside. In the boot, on the seat, in the ignition… does it matter? If the windows are not open even a little? It does not matter, because you will not be able to get inside anyway.

What to do? After all, you are in a hurry to get home, your family, or go on holiday. That’s all it took not to be able to get in. If we can give you any advice? Try to calm down, because non-invasive car opening without damage and danger is fortunately really possible.

Why risk it

Many drivers do not think too long? They simply use force to get into their car. While it is understandable to break a window in a situation of imminent danger to passengers’ life or health, there is no reason to behave similarly in any other case.

Contrary to what you might think, having your windscreen removed does not necessarily mean saving money. For the money you will leave at the repair shop or even at the junkyard, it is much better to hire a professional and still save cash. Specialist companies, whose primary service is the non-invasive opening of the car without any damage, construct their price lists so that the driver has no doubts that it is not worth breaking the glass.

Besides, breaking the glass carries the risk of damaging the paint and other car elements. It does not make much sense to try to force the car’s safety mechanisms either. Only in the case of older cars, devoid of electronic conveniences, there is a chance that unsealing the door and manipulating the wire will have the desired effect and the?

The best possible solution

If you live in London, Kensington or Chelsea, give us a call. No matter what time it is? We work around the clock. We arrive at the place as soon as possible, after which we start analysing potential solutions.

We have at the disposal equipment that allows us to open even the latest leading car manufacturers’ latest models. We undergo training which broadens our practical knowledge in the field of security and lockpicking.

Non-invasive, damage-free car opening means that the paintwork and locks on your car are not damaged, and you can still get inside. Even if a broken ignition key or a fitted lock prevents you from starting the engine at the moment, with our help, you will do so in a moment.

To sum up:

  • we can reach you 24 hours a day in London and the surrounding areas;
  • we have the most modern equipment and professional competence;
  • we open cars of all make without any damage or unnecessary invasiveness;
  • Our services are cheaper and safer than breaking and replacing the glass in a stuck vehicle.