Oknoplast windows – prices, user reviews, interesting solutions

Windows are an essential element of every home. Properly selected window frames should be comfortable and safe. Oknoplast windows will also be a way to save money. Find out about user reviews and prices on the windows of this manufacturer.

Oknoplast windows – advantages

Plastic windows in the Oknoplast offer owe their popularity to durability, which goes hand in hand with elegance. According to user reviews, they are distinguished by their unique design and original colors, which we can adapt to our individual needs. During the production of four collections, only advanced and modern technologies were used, which guarantee safety, low heat loss and ease of use. The sophisticated aesthetics, which is the essence of Oknoplast windows, speaks for their choice: Upvc windows

Oknoplast company and its offer

The Oknoplast manufacturer offers four collections of plastic windows – Pixel, Prolux, Winegretic Premium, Winegretic Premium Passive. Pixel windows are distinguished by a slimmer and elegant profile that will provide 22% more light in a given interior. Modern technologies that have been used in this type of window are a guarantee of low heat loss. Oknoplast also used its proprietary steel reinforcement system, thanks to which plastic windows are completely safe for users. Thanks to Winhaus ProLight fittings, the Pixel collection will not be difficult to operate. It’s the perfect solution for people who value modernity and elegance.

The Prolux collection is filled with window joinery that corresponds to modern trends in the design of houses. Like the Pixel series windows, it has a lower folding of PVC profiles guaranteeing more sunlight entering the room. The larger Oknoplast glass area, however, reduces energy consumption. The aesthetic value of the plastic window will certainly increase the unique finish of the glazing seal. The windows from the Prolux collection made in Colorfull technology are distinguished by uniform colors and structure.

On the other hand, PVC windows from the Winergetic Premium collection are characterized by excellent thermal insulation parameters, which will be an ideal solution for energy-saving and passive houses. This type of window joinery has a rounded profile line, which can only be found in the offer of the Oknoplast manufacturer. The use of modern technology meant that Winergetic Premium plastic windows have a heat transfer coefficient of only 0.76 W / m2K.

double glazing

During the production of the Winergetic Premium Passive collection, an airgel was used, which is distinguished by the best thermal properties. This means that it is perfect for passive houses. Plastic windows from this series combine steel stiffeners with high rigidity and unique SpaceBlock thermal barriers. In addition, they have a rounded profile line, which can also be found in the Winergetic Premium collection. The whole is complemented by minimalist door handles, safe anti-theft hooks and stylish covers that guarantee the high aesthetic value of Oknoplast windows.

Oknoplast window prices

PVC windows from the Pixel collection are perfect for new and existing buildings. People who decide on such a solution will have to expect a cost of around £ 400. On the other hand, energy-saving Winergetic Premium windows will be cheaper. We will pay £ 200 for a 1500×1200 mm window. Prices of Winergetic Premium Passive windows in the size 1800×2300 mm start from £ 440