Quitting smoking: how to prepare and what to avoid? Quitting smoking and getting fat

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Quitting smoking is not an easy matter. Especially since many smokers say that smoking is a weakness for which they demand tolerance and freedom. And yet they know what havoc does smoking do in the body. If you’ve finally matured or decided to quit smoking, do it once and for all. Check how to prepare yourself and what benefits it will bring to quit. Also learn about the relationship between quitting smoking and weight gain – do you need to gain weight after quitting smoking?

Quitting smoking is a sensitive topic for many people. How to stop smoking? In my former editorial office there was a cardboard skeleton, and under it the inscription “Cigarette slimming”. Witty – I thought and kept smoking. Statistics? I knew. Every year, 3.5 million people die from smoking.

It’s more than AIDS. Threats? I could exchange in one breath. I saw an educational film. The content of nicotine from one cigarette was injected into a pigeon. He immediately fell over and died. The camera was stationary.

A long shot. It impressed me, but it wasn’t enough to associate what I saw with the cigarettes I had in my purse. Because smokers know everything about the harmfulness of smoking. But they don’t relate it to each other. It doesn’t hurt them (until). They smoke because they like it.

Do you like to smoke and are not going to stop? Then don’t read the sequel. However, if you smoke because you failed to quit, we will help you. A method is needed here. You must know that every attempt counts. The more struggles and serious attempts to quit smoking, the greater the prospects for success.

How to prepare to quit smoking? – Snus UK

  • Make an irrevocable decision and justify it for your use.
  • List the reasons, preferably write on a sheet of paper. If they do not convince you, postpone the decision. Until you know that you want it despite the sacrifices that await you, you won’t succeed.
  • Set a date and make an appointment.
  • Within the prescribed period (it is best if you don’t have your period then) take a vacation and leave to avoid situations in which you usually reach for a cigarette – related to stress, people and places.
  • Make sure you are surrounded by non-smokers during recovery. They will confirm your resolve and support you mentally.
  • You can ask your doctor how to relieve nicotine craving.
  • Drink a lot, move a lot in the fresh air (cigarettes usually don’t taste outside, especially when the wind blows).
  • Sleep a lot.
  • Gather everything around you that could replace a cigarette and always try to keep your hands busy.
  • Tell your decision to quit smoking to as many people as possible – you will be ashamed of your lack of character. But if it fails, it’s hard. Then use pharmaceutical or psychological help.

There are smokers addicted to the very habit of smoking (atmosphere, taste of smoke, rituals associated with lighting a cigarette, gestures to puff and flick ash). They need a decision and a strong will to get rid of the addiction. But there are also people who are tormented by craving for nicotine with accompanying physical ailments – i.e. abstinence syndrome. This is irritability, trouble concentrating, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, cough (a sign that the lungs are clearing), constipation.

For those real addicts who are physically addicted to the drug nicotine, strong will is not enough. They should see a doctor – preferably an anti-smoking clinic. There they can benefit from group (very effective!) And individual psychotherapy, acupuncture and acupressure, bioenergotherapy, as well as nicotine replacement therapy – tablets, patches or chewing gum. Your doctor may also prescribe a nicotine-free medicine that works on your central nervous system and produces similar pleasure to it.

First of all, don’t worry about getting fat. Although smoking speeds up metabolism, but even if in the first phase you gain a little kilograms, then you will return to your proper weight. You just have to watch out, because you won’t be able to defend yourself against additional calories: you’ll gain taste and appetite! After a week you will discover again various unearthly aromas! Strawberries with whipped cream will give you sensations close to orgasm.

Do not cross reasonable limits: eat as much as before. In times of crisis bite dried fruit, stones or raw carrots and drink a lot, a lot. Water, juice. If you can’t stand sucking in your stomach, chew something inedible – a blade of grass, a toothpick, gum without sugar. If you are severely irritated, take a mild sedative. Take vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E as well as magnesium, zinc, selenium. Unable to focus, gulp with ginkgo biloba.