What corset will be right for a start?

Do you hesitate on how to choose the right corset? Are there any models that are more recommended to start the corset adventure than others? It all depends on what you want to buy this piece of clothing for. You will need a completely different model if you want to wear the corset sporadically and only as an ornament (e.g. as a supplement to the styling with pants or skirt), and different when your goal is waist training. So adjust the model to your needs.

How to choose a corset? We advise!

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Now that you know if the corset is to be an ornament or if it helps shape your figure, you can start shopping! On the market you will find two basic types of corsets – those that are put on the bust, i.e. overbust and those that only cover the waist and end under the bust, i.e. underbust. Underbust corsets are recommended to wear during waist training because they give more freedom of movement than models also worn on the bust. It is easy to hide them under looser clothing, e.g. T-shirt. If you feel like it, you can of course put it on top too! In contrast, overbust looks much more sensual and feminine, so it will be a good addition to various styles. If you would like to do waist training, and you care about overbust corset, then of course you can also find such a model in stores!
How to choose the right corset for your figure?

How to choose the size of the corset? The most important is to correctly collect your dimensions. Grab a ruler and carefully measure the length of your torso and waist, under your bust, under your bust and hips. Depending on which model of corset you choose, not all of these dimensions will be needed (with underbust corset, only the length of the torso and waist circumference are important). The most important thing is not to choose too small size or too big.

What corset suits small breasts?

Each type of corset will be suitable for small breasts, if you choose the right size. You can easily reach for overbust and underbust models. Decide on a corset that will be most comfortable for you.

When it comes to corsets designed for large breasts, the matter looks the same as for small breasts. Both types of corsets will work well if you have big breasts. Just remember that the overbust model fits well on the chest.
Where to buy and how much does the corset cost? The most important information!

How much does a corset cost? If you care about slimming effects, you must invest in a real corset equipped with flat and spiral underwires. Only this type of clothing can be helpful during slimming and body shaping. Such a slimming corset is an expense of several hundred zlotys (about PLN 300 or more), i.e. an expensive option. If you want the corset to be a beautiful ornament and complement your stylizations in an interesting way, you can reach for models that are not based on steel underwires. Such clothes will work both on the shirt and as a blouse without anything underneath.

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Of course you will find the largest selection of decorative corsets on the Internet! After deciding which model you are interested in (overbust or underbust) and providing your dimensions, such clothes can be easily adjusted online.